League City Dining

League City Limo
Russo's New York Pizzeria

1660 W FM 646, #C
League City, TX 77573

(281) 337-7992

When you're looking for a nice big New York slice Russo's is the place to go when you're in League City. They offer a lunch buffet which is nice and convenient and they even serve beer and wine. Not only do they offer all of the toppings you would expect from any pizza place worth their salt but they also take it to the next level with items like fresh chicken, prosciutto, capers, and even portobello mushrooms. If you are showing up with a big group yopu may want to call ahead as they can get a bit crowded during peak times.

League City Limo
Jimmy Changas

2504 Gulf Fwy
League City, TX 77573

(832) 340-2446

A quintessential Tex-Mex chain popular in the Galveston - Houston area. You will quickly realize that this is a very kid friendly chain when you get a glimpse of the vibrant color palette featured both inside and out as well as their adorable cartoon monkey mascot. Don't worry through it is also adult friendly with plenty of alcoholic beverages and dishes that cater to a more sophisticated palette. They menu features everything you would expect and more, their sauces are all great so no matter your color preference (Red or Green) you will enjoy your meal.

League City Limo
Spring Creek Barbeque

2710 Gulf Fwy S
League City, TX 77573

(281) 534-7873

A small chain of barbecue restaurants that offers up all the classic meats and sides you would expect from a barbecue joint and they do it all buffet style. I'm surprised more places don't follow their lead and offer their BBQ up in the same fashion, no matter how serious and competitive people get there is no denying barbecue is the ultimate in casual dining and nothing says casual dining like a family buffet. We aren't saying this is the best barbecue Texas has to offer but it is a nice option for large and small groups a like making it perfect for our recommendations.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

1615 N Fm 646
League City, TX 77573

(281) 534-6726

The reason behind adding Five Guys Burgers and Fries to our list is because as a limousine & party bus company many of our clients would prefer to make a quick detour to pick up a bite to eat and then enjoy it on-board the vehicle while heading to their destination. Not only is Five Guys perfect for that it is also insanely good. I doubt many people need any more detail as it seems everyone in the world has enjoyed this new premium fast food establishment at some point but for those who haven't they serve big quality "pub" style burgers with their in house made fries and in doing so have seemingly taken over the world in the past decade.